Download the naso-pharyngeal sampling simulator file (NP-Swab-Simulator) 


A naso-pharyngeal epic

A 3D printed solution of worldwide use

The covid-19 virus crisis has raised many issues in the world of medicine. One of them is to test and segment the contaminated population in order to take the necessary measures for their care. To do this, we must carry out massive Covid test campaigns and request the help of many healthcare givers. Compared to other sampling techniques such as blood sampling or stool analysis, rhinopharyngeal sampling can detect the virus at an early stage of the disease and even in asymptomatic patients.

Furthermore, this technique is minimally invasive and has no side effects or contraindications. However, the chosen test has, until now, been rarely done by healthcare professionals within a wide range of specialties...

Polyjet NP-Swab-Simulator

The Polyjet printing technology allows to manufacture in one go a multi-material model with different colours and textures that improves the sensory feedback, for an exercise as close to reality as possible.

You have access to a J750 printer (Stratasys) ? Find the files to print the model just below.. 


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The files must not be used or broadcast for commercial use.


FDM NP-Swab-Simulator

To democratize access to this simulator, BONE 3D has also designed a version for FDM printers. A less sophisticated version, but just as effective for understanding this medical procedure. This model is therefore accessible to anyone with access to a 3D printer with wire deposition, the most common and least expensive!

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The files must not be used or broadcast for commercial use.